CloseWEEE Approach

CloseWEEE will develop integrated solutions for pre-processing of electronic equipment, closing the loop of post-consumer high-grade plastics, whilst recovering critical raw materials including antimony and graphite. CloseWEEE focuses on secondary raw materials and aims at improving the separation and recovery

CloseWEEE Objectives

CloseWEEE aims to close the loop by: developing and implementing robust and cost efficient recovery technologies, giving recycled materials a new life in added-value applications and providing efficient tools for the localisation and separation of hazardous and valuable materials. The main

Future Impact

Expected impacts – The effect CloseWEEE will have, economically, environmentally and socially: In the medium to longer term CloseWEEE will enable unlocking of a significant volume of various raw materials through conversion of wastes or raw materials not currently exploited

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