Vertech is a French High-Tech startup engineering consulting company that focuses its business on providing advanced environmental and sustainable solutions to different sectors. Vertech expects to be considered as an international leader in supporting micro-small-medium enterprises to formulate their own R&D capacities despite their company size and help them to become global innovative players inside the sustainable market.


Role in CloseWEEE

In the detailed implementation of the CloseWEEE project, Vertech is the lead beneficiary for delivering the following working package:

  • Environmental Validation and Ecodesign to carry out a thorough environmental impact evaluation of products and processes developed within the project, through LCA and Environmental Technology Verification (ETV) tools, and to establish Ecodesign criteria for E&E products for the target applications of CloseWEEE. Also, to establish support actions between labeling and green procurement initiatives and the project.