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CloseWEEE is conducting a market survey

CloseWEEE is conducting a survey that will help identify barriers and limitations of reusing recycled polymers (halogenated and non-halogenated), as well as limitations and constraints in the use of recovered additives in new applications which will determine the viability of cost efficient solutions in the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) market.

The questionnaires are short (less than 20 questions- 10 minutes), and as a participant you will:

–       Receive the full report of the Market Research

–       Subscribe to our Newsletter with relevant information about the WEEE market

–       Participate in a prize draw to win a €500 Amazon Coupon*

–       Include your company’s name on the list of supporters of this H2020 European project**

We have targeted five (5) different collectives. Please click on the one that better suits the nature of your company/organisation.

WEEE Managers: the authorised organisations in charge of the treatment of the WEEE streams after collection. WEEE managers can receive the WEEE streams from authorised collection facilities or from E&E producers.

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Plastic Converters: Converters are considered in this survey as the end user (companies) of the recovered/recycled materials (from WEEEs if possible) for a second life in E&E applications.

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Standardisation and Certification bodies:

Standardisation bodies are public or private organisations that propose, develop, establish, monitor and/or coordinate the voluntary standards.

Certification bodies are those organisations which audit and certify that material and products comply with relevant standards.

Policy makers and Public Bodies are in charge of the formulation, implementation and transposition of the legislation, regulation and directives and the effectiveness of these.

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Original Design Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (ODM/OEM): organisations which are in charge of the product manufacture. The difference between ODM and OEM is that ODM designs the product while OEM manufactures on behalf of the selling companies.

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Suppliers of Additives: group specialized in the market of additives for application in plastics for EEEs.

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The information you provide is anonymous. By responding this survey you consent with our privacy policy which you can find at

If you know a person who will be suitable to take the survey, don’t hesitate and forward it!

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* All completed surveys will be entered into the prize drawn to win a €500 Amazon Coupon, click here to see terms and conditions.

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