CloseWEEE will develop integrated solutions for pre-processing of electronic equipment,

closing the loop of post-consumer high-grade plastics, whilst recovering critical raw materials including antimony and graphite.

CloseWEEE focuses on secondary raw materials and aims at improving the separation and recovery of the following target materials:

  • Advanced recovery of valuable plastic streams (PC-ABS and ABS) which do not have an scheduled recycling system yet
  • Resource-efficient and innovative recovery of additives, critical minerals and metals from WEEE streams
  • Improve the flow of information to recyclers through a Recycler Information Center in order to make recycling procedures quicker and safer



CloseWEEE Background

Why we need CloseWEEE?

Waste of electric and electronic equipment (WEEE) is a complex waste stream comprising of metal, glass, wood, and plastic.

For the year 2012, Eurostat reported that 9.5 M. tonnes of waste electric and electronic equipment has been produced in Europe, exceeding the 3.3 M tonnes of collected waste electric and electronic equipment by far.

WEEE contains significant amounts of highly valuable materials and hazardous compounds. With respect to the tremendous amount, recovery of secondary raw materials from WEEE is mandatory and has been requested by the European WEEE directive.