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Increased 2016 WEEE targets confirmed: 544,341 tonnes of household WEEE

tonnes-household-WEEEAccording to the Department of Business (BIS) in the UK, the predicted household waste collected in 2016 will be 16,000 tonnes higher than it was in 2015. Regarding the information gathered by BIS, the overall 2016 target is below the required collection level needed to achieve the EU’s 45% target for the year, which stands at around 730,000 tonnes.

However, the Environmental Agency subsequently published its provisional WEEE collection figures at the start of March, which suggested that schemes may have collected some tonnages on top of that which was posted as WEEE evidence. Consequently, the data suggested that collections had in fact topped 521,000 tonnes.

BIS has opted to further increase the collection target for WEEE to a total of 544,341 tonnes for 2016. This represents an increase of close to 37,000 tonnes, when compared to the 2015 collection target.

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