Privacy Policy


This privacy policy sets out how Exergy, on behalf of the CloseWEEE consortium uses, manages and protects any information provided while completing this survey. CloseWEEE project is committed to protecting your privacy. All data captured in the following survey will be used and held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.

If you have any concerns in regards to your personal information or the provided information, please contact us at


What personal information do we collect?

The personal data collected is only the basic personal information related to the company and the surveyed person on behalf the company which is necessary for the management of the responses. The collected personal data includes: name of the company, country, email, position within the company, and sector. Sensitive personal information (e.g. health, sexual lifestyle, ethnicity, political opinion, religious or philosophical conviction) will not be collected during the survey process.


What we do with the information we collect from surveys?

The information collected through the market surveys will be used for the following purposes:

  • Identify demographically the surveyed organisations and create statistical data and trends
  • Identification of potential legal, environmental, economic and social barriers in the use of recycled plastics and additives in new electronic and electronic equipment products within the European Project CloseWEEE project (Grant Agreement No 641747)
  • The collected information may be used for exploitation purposes with the technology/technologies developed and optimised throughout the project execution.
  • Share CloseWEEE newsletter and other interesting information about the project progress through the email provided.
  • Follow up for market research purposes linked to the European Project CloseWEEE project if necessary.


How do we protect and safeguard your information?

Data will be properly stored and protected in order to allow for the validation of the findings, further data analysis, compliance with funding requirements, etc. Online collected data will be stored on SurveyMonkey platform accessible only by Exergy’s account manager. Furthermore, the online data will be downloaded and saved in electronic format along with the data collected through phone and direct face to face interviews, which mostly will be directly done through SurveyMonkey by using tablet devices. In the eventually of surveys being completed on paper, the information will be digitalized. Data will be stored in the specific hard disk and online cloud as security copy as long as the survey activity is ongoing.


How long do we keep your data?

The data will be analysed and kept for follow-up actions until the relevant reports are completed and delivered, afterwards the information will be destroyed. All electronic and physical data will be destroyed and data store on SurveyMonkey platform or any other online platform will be deleted. The retention of the data collected could last until the end of the project’s life (November 2018).


How can you verify, modify or delete your information?

In case you want to verify which personal data is stored, to have it modified respectively corrected or deleted, please contact


Newsletter subscription

On the introduction of each questionnaire there is a disclaimer that states that respondents who wish to participate in the raffle and/or subscribe to the newsletter must provide their email address. The newsletter will keep them up-to-date with the progress of CloseWEEE and other relevant news in the area.