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CloseWEEE 3rd GA Meeting held in the Netherlands, April 2016

The 3rd General Assembly of the CloseWEEE project has successfully taken place at the facilities of Coolrec in Waalwijk, Netherlands. During this meeting, each Consortium Member introduced the updates and the next steps forward in their respectively led Work Packages. Two parallel sessions were also developed during the meeting with the aim to discuss the technical WPs as well as a brief pilot activity for the market activities.

During this meeting, a brief technical tour was also performed in the Coolrec recycling installations in Waalwijk

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The Electronics Goes Green 2016+ will be carried out between September 7th and 9th 2016 in Berlin, Germany. It is the world’s leading conference on electronics & the environment and offers a place to show your results and innovative solutions for specific green versions. The event also showcases the future trends and solutions towards sustainable development in electronics sector for the community.

More info: http://electronicsgoesgreen.org/conference-topics/

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Circular Materials Conference 2016 will be carried out between May 11th and12th in Gothenburg, Sweden. It is an international conference which aims to bring together experts and share their experiences and research results about all aspects of the circular economy, recycling and environment. It also provides an interdisciplinary forum to present and discuss the most recent innovations and the solutions adopted in the field of circular economy, recycling and environment.

More info: http://www.circularmaterialsconference.se/

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BIR convention 2016 is held between 30th May and 1st June in Berlin, Germany. It is attended by the decision makers of the most important international recycling companies from over 60 countries.

BIR Berlin is the perfect platform to check out new developments and build partnerships featuring a broad conference programme with an interesting array of speakers and market overviews in the different plenary meetings, as well as a modern exhibition concept.

More info: http://www.bir.org/conventionwebsite/berlin2016/home/

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RWMRWM (September 13th-15th 2016, NEC in Birmingham) is Europe’s premier event for resource efficiency and waste management solutions, covering a three-day event which brings together the entire industry to help influence the all aspects of the waste hierarchy. In partnership with CIWM, it spans each element of the industry and is shaped around the demands of this rapidly growing sector.

More info: http://www.rwmexhibition.com/ 

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recycling2016Recycling 2016 is held on October 25th, 26th and 27th 2016 in Gorinchem, Netherlands. This event is the seventh edition of the trade show Recycling in Evenementenhal Gorinchem and is focused on the circular economy. It anticipates the trends and developments of the economy and important issues from the government.

More info: http://booking.evenementenhal.nl/nl/recycling-2016/gorinchem

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Increased 2016 WEEE targets confirmed: 544,341 tonnes of household WEEE

tonnes-household-WEEEAccording to the Department of Business (BIS) in the UK, the predicted household waste collected in 2016 will be 16,000 tonnes higher than it was in 2015. Regarding the information gathered by BIS, the overall 2016 target is below the required collection level needed to achieve the EU’s 45% target for the year, which stands at around 730,000 tonnes.

However, the Environmental Agency subsequently published its provisional WEEE collection figures at the start of March, which suggested that schemes may have collected some tonnages on top of that which was posted as WEEE evidence. Consequently, the data suggested that collections had in fact topped 521,000 tonnes.

BIS has opted to further increase the collection target for WEEE to a total of 544,341 tonnes for 2016. This represents an increase of close to 37,000 tonnes, when compared to the 2015 collection target.

More info: http://www.letsrecycle.com/news/latest-news/weee-collection-targets-for-2016-outlined/


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